Learn to Play The Arsenal Way

13-time English league champions Arsenal FC are proud to be offering Arsenal Soccer Schools across the United States. Join the youth coaches of Arsenal this summer for the ultimate soccer camp experience! With day and overnight camps for a limited number of players, this unique opportunity can be yours this summer.

The ARSENAL Philosophy

A - Attitude

Attitude 1200x900 To progress to your full potential as a football player it is vital to have the correct attitude both on and off the football pitch. You need to be as positive and dedicated as possible to fully master your skills and you need to be cool and composed when under pressure to keep control of the moment.

R - Respect

Respect 1200x900Always respect your team mates, your opponent, your coach and the referee. In order to get the best out of your team it’s important to appreciate the efforts of those around you. If you fail to respect the opponent you underestimate their potential, which can make your own standards fall below your usual level. Football should be played in the spirit of fair play, encouragement and fun. Take advice from your coach to help your game improve and remember self-respect is key for your own development as a player and a person.

S - Skills

Skill 1200x900 At Arsenal we believe that skills and technique are essential to inspire creativity, flair, excitement and entertainment. Skills can help make football fun, help you improve as a player and help you beat your opponent. Be inventive with the turns and tricks you use to move the ball, use both feet and don’t forget to work on the basic skills such as control and passing.

E - Energy

Energy 1200x900 You need to have lots of energy to get the most out of playing football. The longer you can maintain a high level of fitness for, the more this will benefit you in games. If you’re not as fit as you can be, it becomes difficult to play to your maximum level. Drink plenty of water, avoid junk food and be as active as you can in your day to day lives.

N - New Thinking

New Thinking 1200x900 Embrace your coach’s ideas and always think about different ways you can improve tactically and technically. Be creative with your thoughts and express them on the field whenever you can.

A - All For One

All for one 1200x900 As much as you can work on your own development, football is a team game. The more you work with your team mates the better you will become as a player and a team. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from football is a game that can be played by everyone. Enjoy the feeling of belonging to a team and do all you can to help your team mates

L - Learning

Learning 1200x900 Learn how to play the Arsenal way. Football based around passing and movement, technique and skill. Incorporating the principles of fair play, teamwork, expression and fun!


The Game Plan

Get ready to get better by warming up and getting your feet up to speed.

Take your game to the next level, with drills focusing on passing, dribbling, shooting, attacking and defending.

Take the morning’s training to the next level by preparing for game-like situations with attention from your coach.

Put it all together against the rest of the camp to finish off the day!

Arsenal Soccer Schools camp sessions consist of technical and tactical player development, nutritional advice to increase fitness levels and small sided matches in high intensity tournaments to improve passing, speed of movement, technique and game understanding.

To ensure that every child who attends progresses during their time at the camp, the coaches will spend an initial period assessing and evaluating their performance to ensure that they are grouped with children of a similar level and age. The coaches then work with each group and child to improve skill levels. Our aim is that all children leave the camp with greater knowledge of the game and improved technical skills.


About Arsenal Soccer Schools USA

Arsenal Soccer Schools are offered in the USA through an exclusive partnership between Arsenal F.C and Summerfuel. For more than 30 years we have set the standard for extraordinary summer programs from elite sports camps to academic enrichment and study abroad programs. We are committed to the development and welfare of every participant and partner with leading soccer clubs, institutions and partner schools to ensure every participant has the best summer experience possible.

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